Avant Weed Brush

Ex-Hire Used Avant Weed Brush Here we our ex-hire tree shear for sale The Weed brush is an efficient tool for removal of weeds on all kinds of paved areas […] Read More >>

Avant Tree Shear

Ex-Hire Used Avant Tree Shear Here we have one of our ex-hire Avant tree shear for sale The Avant tree shear is an efficient and useful tree cutter, intended for […] Read More >>

Avant Flail Mower

New Avant S30 Flail Mower For Sale The Avant S30 flail mower has otherwise the same 1200 mm mower deck with hammer flails as the A36730 flail mower, but it […] Read More >>

Avant Flail Mower With Side Boom

Here we¬† have a new Avant Flail Mower complete with side boom for sale The sidearm is equipped with a straight telescopic arm and a tilting jib arm, which allows […] Read More >>

Avant A36589

Ex-Hire Used Avant Pallet Forks 1200mm For Sale   Here we have our ex-hire Avant pallet A36589 forks for sale. These forks are the heavy duty 1200mm long versions Avant […] Read More >>

Avant A36712

Avant Heavy Duty General Bucket For Sale   We have for sale a new Avant heavy duty general bucket The Heavy duty buckets are made of stronger materials, Also they […] Read More >>

Avant A437203

New Avant Timber Grab HD For Sale   The heavy-duty timber grab is equipped with a stronger boom and hydraulic rotator and larger grapple. It is intended especially for Avant […] Read More >>