Avant Rpper A44412


New Avant Ripper Atatchment For Sale


The ripper is an inexpensive and practically irreplaceable tool in groundworks. With the ripper, it is easy and effortless to remove roots as well as rocks even from hard-packed ground. The replaceable hard metal teeth guarantee a long lifespan for the attachment.

The ripper is operated by pressing the three blades into the ground next to the object you wish to remove. When the teeth have sunk into the ground, tilt the ripper inwards and then lift the boom upwards which will bring the object on top of the ground.


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Stock No. 1380
Model Rpper A44412
Make Avant
Year 2020
Hours N/A

Key features

  • Eliminates a huge amount of manual work
  • An inexpensive tool for removing of rocks, tree stumps, roots, etc. from the ground