Land Forces

Orange plant in Bromborough has went above and beyond in our eyes as a provider of Arb related hire equipment and services.

We bought a nearly new chipper from a private sale in Nottingham. To say that we are not mechanically minded is an understatement. Orange plant serviced it and gave us indispensable maintenance advice.

We didn’t want to let down customers so having a reliable hire company was key. We have used spectrum in Warrington but they’re not a patch on Bromborough.

Unfortunately just as Storm Dora descended on the NW a metal hammer mysteriously found its way into our chipper contrary to the indispensable advice early given. We found ourselves with no chipper at the height of storm damage but managed to hire one from the boys in Bromborough. Simultaneously they arranged for our insurance to cover the replacement or repair of our hammer eating chipper.

Since that episode they have continued to support us with friendly advice and words of wisdom. We have hired stump grinders, grabs, Chipper’s and trailers and have always felt not just like customers but friends.

We have just completed our first commercial contract in Bromborough area and had to use quite large and expensive equipment. The boys in Bromborough’s support over that contract has enabled us to finish the job on time and within budget.

As a small run local family business of ex forces lads we have grown as a business and a team but only because of Andy, Dave, Pat and Simons support.

If orange plant gave out medals or honours then these guys would have earned them.

Kind regards, Kev & Andy

Land Forces