Arb Access Rail

We have been hiring one of your GreenMech Safetrak chippers for the last 6 weeks.  I just wanted to take the time to say what a well managed and customer orientated approach you clearly have implemented within your organisation.  Really impressed and very grateful for the level of support you have offered us.

We have hired from several firms before but not received service to the standard you have provided us with before. The chipper had a fault couple of weeks into the job and you dispatched an op straight away and it was fixed within 24 hours.  Machines break down that’s a fact but the speed in which you sorted the problem out for us was really appreciated.  Without that chipper, we would have lost a full weekend of possessions and that would have cost our client god knows how many thousands of pounds and put the whole job back.  The chap who delivered the chipper was an absolute pleasure to deal with – despite him having driven 6+ hours and despite him having a return journey of the same! I believe it was Kevin – so huge thanks to him personally for doing that for us.

The contract was a roaring success. Chipper issues/failure can cause us to lose revenue – that has not been the case for this project and I just wanted to thank you personally for being so reliable and such a well oiled company!

On another note (and by no means less important) the ladies I have dealt with in your office (Heather and Joanne) have been incredibly helpful and patient with me. So thanks to both of them too.

Looking forward to continuing this business relationship.

Thanks very much for everything you have done.

Arb Access Rail