Stick Tooth Right

£4.14 (£4.14 ex. VAT)


Stick Tooth Right

This is a stick tooth (right) for standard stick tooth or smart pockets fitted to a standard cutter wheel.

These fit the following machines (with a standard wheel): –
• 900H (J P Carlton)
• SP2000 (J P Carlton)
• SP2010 (J P Carlton)
• 2300-4 (J P Carlton)
• 2500-4 (J P Carlton)
• 2700-4 (J P Carlton)
• SP4012P (J P Carlton)
• SP4012PN (J P Carlton)
• SP4012D (J P Carlton)
• SP5014TRX (J P Carlton)
• SP7015 (J P Carlton)
• SP7015TRX (J P Carlton)

This product is a single right stick tooth for J P Carlton machines fitted with a standard wheel as displayed in the picture above.

User manuals for J P Carlton machines are obtainable from the J P Carlton Website (, alternatively contact us at