Toro Dingo Attachments

Save money on any project by investing in one of the many Toro Dingo attachments

There is plenty of choices to help ease the workload

and as a result save time on the job

furthmore save on the heavy labour.

Finally, becasue Orange Plant is an official dealer of the Toro Site Works range

it allows us to provide the right machine and attachment for your job.

Toro Dingo Attachments Range

This range includes hydraulic breakers, backhoes, different sized buckets, forks, grapple rakes, soil cultivators, augers and more!

For that reason, if you’re looking to dig up land, plough a field or drill a hole,

there is a Toro Dingo Attachment to suit your needs.

Purchase the Toro Dingo Attachments

The Dingo Attachments can be purchased from any of our depots across the country

another way to purchase your new attachment, is with our tailored finance options available from our dedicated brokerage service.

Therefore give our sales team a call on 0191 2367795

or email

Some of the attachments are below