Avant 419


The Avant 419 is a versatile machine that is perfect for use during all four seasons of the year. With a very economical price tag, you’ll definitely get the most out of your money.

Avant created the 419 with homeowners, farmers and stables in mind. Its low operating weight means it can operate on surfaces that have a limited load capacity and also ensures easy transportation.

This multi-attachment pivot steer loader has over 90 attachments available including a manure collector, pressure washer and snow blow. All these attachments are fast and easy to connect.

Innovative manufacturing from Avant ensures the safety of customers looking to purchase the 419 model. This loader provides excellent visibility and includes a load sensor, safety canopy and safety roofing. All these features and more come as standard for this extremely stable machine.


As an official partner of Avant in the UK, you can purchase any of the Avant models from our depots in Northern England.

All new or used machines can be purchased outright or through finance. We have a dedicated brokerage service that offer you a tailored finance option to suit your needs, budget and situation.

Our Sales team are available to answer any of your questions about this machine and provide you with further information. Call us on 0191 236 7795 or complete an enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Manufacturer Avant
Model 419
Engine 20hp Kohler petrol
Maximum lifting capacity 690kg
Maximum lifting height 2750mm
Speed 10km/h
Length 2305mm
Height 1980mm
Width (dependent on wheel size) 990mm - 1095mm
Weight 980kg
Pulling force 700kp

Key features

  • Perfect for farming
  • Low operating weight
  • Versatility throughout the year
  • Simple and economical