Avant Attachments

More than 190 different kind of Avant attachments make Avant a very multi-functional loader

Due to Orange Plant being an official distributor of Avant loaders

you can get the right Avant attachment at the right cost.

If you’re looking to dig up land, plough a field

or drill a hole, even wash the car!

The Avant can do it all.

Avant Attachments makes it a breeze

As a result of the comprehensive and extensive selection of

attachments, we will cover all your landscaping & maintenance needs.


Above all the Avant machines have simple, effective hydraulics

which create good power combined with low operating costs.

Consequently as a result, the loader is designed to make any job easy

They’re certainly the ideal machine for DIY, farming,

landscaping or construction work.


Avant Attachments for Sale

The Avant Attachments can be purchased in our Northern depots

with tailored finance options available from our dedicated brokerage service.

Give our sales team a call on 0191 2367795

or email


Some of the attachments are below