Orange Plant understand that asset management can be difficult so we are here to support our customers with every purchase. We will arrange contact with the only designated arboricultural finance company in the UK.

Arblease are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This dedicated brokerage service has over 50 years combined experience in commercial asset finance. They understand our machinery and the requirements of the modern day council, tree surgeon, farmer or land owner.

Arblease will also help you understand the world of asset finance and guide you through the many options available to you. You can purchase any of our new or used machines with a plan that suits your needs, situation and budget.


There are many benefits to making your next purchase through finance.


Call 0191 236 7795  to discuss your requirements and find out for yourself just how affordable your next purchase can be!

*Finance is for business purposes only in the UK excluding Northern Ireland.